Friday, 6 November 2015

Unit 1

Hello families of P5,

We are making great progress with the book this year. It is a wonderful way to work in class and the children are exceeding my expectations, remember this is a book for Year 1 and 2 of Primary.

We have finished Unit 1 of the book, so now it is time for a test. Please look through Unit 1 with your children (pages 6-12).

Any unfinished work please feel free to complete at home.

We will have the tests on the following days:

P5A - Wednesday 11th November

P5B - Thursday 12th November

Please bring the books back to school on the day of the exam

Thank you,


Ahora in Spanish

Hola Papis,

Hemos terminado la unidad 1 del libro, pues es la hora del primer examen!!! Por favor repasar la unidad 1 con vuestros niños (paginas 6-12) y si hay algo para termiar por favor hacerlo.

Los examenes serán:

P5A - Miercoles 11 de noviembre

P5B - Jueves 12 de noviembre.

Por favor traer el libro el dia del examen


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